Teagarita - an iced tea margarita from Jose Cuervo

My new favorite Margarita – Jose Cuervo’s Teagarita

A few months ago it was no big deal for my husband and I to go out and enjoy some of the great Mexican food southern California has to offer, along with some margaritas. But now that our son is here, it makes any venture out of the house a little more…uh, involved should we […]


Introducing Harrison James

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20+ Margarita Recipes from your favorite food bloggers - pefect for Cinco de Mayo or anytime!

20+ Margarita Recipes

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Pregnancy Must haves - these are the things I couldn't live without these past few months

Pregnancy Must Haves

These items are what I'm calling my "Pregnancy Must Haves" and have definitely helped me get through these past few month. So if you have never been pregnant, … [Read More...]