Recipe – White Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Seems like the theme lately has been easy, no-bake recipes. Things have just been crazy at work and I’m limited on time, so I’ve been going for simple, yet still delicious desserts. Luckily, Halloween sweets certainly lend themselves to this type of thing :)
I had some white chocolate leftover from the Candy Corn Pretzel Bark I made last week and I was walking through the store and spotted some Halloween Oreos. I always love those white fudge Oreos they have during the holidays, so I knew they would be good dipped into some white chocolate.
I followed the same method as the before to melt the chocolate. I used two bags (4 cups), but probably only  needed one bag. 
I then topped them off with some Halloween Nerds. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the Nerds with the Oreos, but the sour flavor was a nice contrast. I forgot how much I like Nerds….did you guys ever try the Nerds rope? I never could decide if I actually liked that stuff.
Since I had extra chocolate, I used the pretzels I had leftover from the bark and dipped those in and topped with Nerds. Those were super yummy too!
I made these for a little football game watching get together we had. I’ll be sharing the chili bar I put together for it later this week. 
I figured these were simple enough that you guys wouldn’t need a formal recipe card :)
What is your favorite recipe with Oreos?


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    I love that you only dipped half of the oreos so the bright orange filling is seen! My kids would love the fun twist of using Nerds for the candy decorations on top:-)

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    Thanks for this cute idea I saw via Pinterest! I have been asked to bring cookies for my son’s Harvest party at school. I was going to bring homemade cookies, but I am bringing yours instead! I have harvest colored sprinkles so am going to use those instead of the Nerds. I have yet to see halloween nerds…I appreciate you sharing! Harvest blessings!

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      I so excited that you will be using my little recipe at your son’s school party! Sprinkles are a great idea and I actually thought about using them while I was making them. Let me know how they turn out for you :)


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