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I was so excited to decorate our mantel for Christmas. As I’ve said before, we moved into our house in March of this year, so this is our first Christmas in our first house. Now, I probably spent a little too much time obsessing over the mantel and trying different things until I got it the way I wanted it, but I was really happy with the way it ultimately turned out.
Chalkboard Christmas Mantle from www.thepinkflour.com #chalkboard #mantle #christmas
Here are a few of my favorite things about it:
Christmas Mantle Stocking Close-up
  • Stockings – The only thing new I bought were our stockings. I would have loved to make us stockings, but I knew that I do not possess the sewing skills nor the time to make them like I would want. So we ordered them from Pottery Barn instead :) I had picked up the stocking holders from Target after Christmas last year (yay for 50% off!) And yes, my husband has a name…just trying to keep things somewhat private on this here internet :)

Christmas Mantle Close-up 3

  • Chalkboard – My wonderful husband helped me make this chalkboard for our wedding last year. I found this old wooden board at a thrift store and he spray painted the sides white and the middle with chalkboard paint. I’m so glad I saw this post by Diane at In My Own Style on great tips for writing on a chalkboard. My favorite tip – dip the chalk in water before you write, it shows up faded at first, but then dries brighter than dry chalk. I wish I would have known before my best friend wrote on all the chalkboards for our wedding (thanks, Manda!).

Christmas Mantle Close-up 4

  • Burlap Wreath – I had covered a straw wreath in burlap over the fall to use on our front door. I just wrapped burlap around it and used safety pins to hold it to the wreath. I had attached flowers to the wreath for the fall, but took the flowers off to put on the mantle.

Christmas Mantle Ornament Close-up

  • Glass Containers – I used glass containers I had in other parts of the house and filled one with pinecones and one with ornaments. This was such a simple way to decorate and adds some different textures.

Christmas Mantle Wreath Close-Up

  • Letter H – My mom got me that for my birthday this year (I think she got at Hobby Lobby). I was searching for something to put with the wreath and this was perfect!

Chalkboard Mantle from The Pink Flour

Well, there you have it…our Christmas mantel. Next year, I want to do more with the ground around the fireplace. Maybe we’ll even turn it on by then :) Hope you like it!
How do you decorate your mantel for Christmas?
I’m sharing this over at The Lettered Cottage today.
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UPDATE: I realize after I posted this that I completely misspelled “mantel.” It has been updated in the text, but forgive me for not being able to update the photo. 


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      I’ve always made sure my chalkboard were completely dry before I wrote on them, but it really does make the chalk brighter putting it in water. I would just make a mantle out of a table/shelf…works just the same :) Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!

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