Baby Shower–Library Card Invitation

Library Card Invitation for a Children's Book Baby Shower
How was everyone’s weekend? We had great weather her in Southern California, but I ended up getting sick Saturday night, so I ended up on the couch all day on Sunday and looks like it will be the same way today :( But with all the time on the couch I had time to put together some great posts for this week. Without further adieu…
Welcome to Baby Shower week here at The Pink Flour!
I shared with you last week the baby shower I threw my best friend. I’m back this week to share all the details. I realized I forgot to include a picture of the invitation for the shower, so that’s what I have for you today. Since we decided on a children’s books theme for the shower, I made sure the invitation incorporated the theme :)
Library Card Invitation  - an easy DIY invitation perfect for a Children's Book Baby Shower
I designed the invitation using my Silhouette software. Since I haven’t invested in Adobe Photoshop, I’ve found that the Silhouette design program suits my needs very well. Once I designed one invitation, it was really easy to copy and paste the design, so I could fit 3 per page. I just opted to print them myself since it was just easier (and probably cheaper).

Library Card Invitation
I found the manila colored pockets at Lakeshore Learning store. I was planning on making them myself, but once I found those I was sold. I like anything that makes my life easier (and takes up less time!)

Library Card Invitation

I found the coral colored paper at Paper Presentation. I found they had such a great selection of colors, sizes, and envelopes. I also bought matching tissue paper for the poufs I made (which I’ll be sharing a tutorial on later this week!).
You’ll notice the return stamp is the same one I shared a few months back from one of my favorite Etsy shops, For Yoo.
What do you think about the invitations? This was my first attempt at designing an invitation, so be easy on me :)
Disclosure: I am not associated with any of the companies referred to above. I just wanted to share the resources I used to put the invitation together.
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  1. Jessica says

    Do you by any chance make and sell the library card invitations? I absolutely love this idea but I don’t have the time or creativity you do to make them! :)

    • Megan says

      Unfortunately I don’t, but I’ve seen stores on that make similar ones, so I would try there. Glad you like the invitations :)

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