{Easy} Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Simple Buffalo Chicken Nachos...perfect for the big game!
I can’t believe the Super Bowl is only a few days away. We love sports at our house and I especially love NFL football, so I really enjoy sitting and watching the Super Bowl. And I’m especially excited because I like both of the teams playing (psst…for those of you non-football followers it’s the Baltimore Ravens & the San Francisco 49ers).
I’ve liked Joe Flacco (QB for the Ravens) since he was a rookie and I drafted him on one of my fantasy teams. He did really well for me that year. I, also, remember hearing a story of how he drove an old beat-up car to his first practices. That made him seem like such a down to earth guy and I’m glad he’s had so much success. But I also like the 49ers too because many years ago I had the opportunity to meet Jim Harbaugh (49ers Head Coach). I remember him being such a nice guy. And then a few years later he was hired as the coach at the University of San Diego where my sister, my cousin, my best friend and a lot of other friends were going/went to school. So I’ve enjoyed watching him do so well in the NFL.

A few weeks ago when my husband and I were watching some of the playoff games, I had a craving for something buffalo chicken. Ok, confession – I think I always have a craving for something buffalo chicken, I’m obsessed. I use to hate spicy food, but once I tried a little buffalo sauce a few years ago, I was hooked.
So as I was sitting and thinking about what we actually had in the house to eat, I thought up these nachos. My husband had gone to Costco a few days earlier and found these buffalo marinated chicken breasts that were sitting in the refrigerator. And then it came to me….Buffalo Chicken Nachos! I mean you can’t go wrong with chicken, buffalo sauce and cheese, right?
I cooked the chicken on that little grill from a professional boxer and then cut it into little pieces, but didn’t think it had enough buffalo flavor. So I tossed it in some buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. And I probably could have eaten it just like that, but then it wouldn’t have been nachos :)
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Buffalo Chicken Nachos

There are lots of different variations you could do to this recipe. Next time, I think I’ll try adding some blue cheese along with the mozzarella.  And maybe some black beans too.
And if you’re looking for some other ideas of the for big game here are a few from the Fantasy Football party I threw at the beginning of the season.

So who are you rooting for this weekend – 49ers or Ravens? And what will you be serving?
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