Thrift Store Bulletin Board turned Necklace Display

I love jewelry!  Problem is I have really sensitive skin so can’t wear metals for a long period of time. I was so excited to get my ears pierced when I was 13, but after a few months, we found out I was just too allergic and had to let them close. So now, I mainly wear costume-y necklaces. I like how they can accent an outfit so easily.
When I first stumbled upon a Charming Charlie’s a few years, I was in heaven. If you haven’t been to one, I highly suggest a trip (think a huge store full of accessories organized by color…so awesome!) I have quite a collection of necklaces now, so I needed a way to help store them that looked good, but was functional too.

DIY Bulletin Board Necklace Holder from The Pink Flour


  • Cork bulletin board (I got mine from Goodwill for $2!)
  • Acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface in Pure Platinum)
  • Sponge brush
  • Stencil
  • Blue painters tape
First, I taped off the cork part of the bulletin board to protect if from the paint. I then painted 3 coats of the paint on the edge of the bulletin board.


I let that dry overnight and then removed the tape. Next, I used my stencil in each of the four corners and painted the design onto the cork board.


Once that dried, I just stuck a few pushpins and hung up some of my necklaces.


Although this only holds a small portion of my necklace collection, I like how it’s both functional and adds some decor to the wall. Maybe I should make another one to hold more of my necklaces??


This project didn’t take long at all and only cost a few dollars :)
Bulletin Board Before & After2
Do you have an obsession for certain jewelry too?
What method do you use to organize it?
Note: I am in no way affiliated with Charming Charlie’s – I just like to share things I enjoy :)
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