30 Cocktails Under 200 Calories

30 Cocktails under 200 Calories - skinny / healthier drinks perfect for summer
Since I started a new job a few weeks ago, I have been trying to eat better and workout more regularly. Although, it hasn’t been as easy as I had hoped (it never is, right?), I think I’m finally on the right track. I try to not drink much alcohol, but there are just going to be times that I do, so I wanted to put together some ideas that won’t break the calorie bank.
In researching for this post, I found that many of the classic cocktails tend to have less calories (and sugar). Keep it simple and you will probably be less likely to overload on the calories.
You will notice that some of these recipes may use artificial sweeteners, which will help cut calories, but may not be the best for you. So I would substitute your favorite sweetener if you prefer (I’ve been using Stevia a lot lately).
And as always, please pin from the original source.
1.  Birthday Cake Cocktail from Happy Food Health Life


2. Skinny Clementine Martini from Betty Crocker
3. Spiked Gingerade from Self
4. Ginger Cocktail from Easy Peasy Organic


5. Apple Ginger Calvados Cocktails from Gourmande in the Kitchen
6. Brown Derby from The Boys Club
7. Sidecar from The Glitter Guide
8. Mojito Inspired Sangria from Guilty Kitchen
9. Mango Bellini from Skinny Taste


10. Pomegranate Martini from Skinny Taste


11. Wine Spritzer from Skinny Taste


12. Blackberry Gin Fizz from Smitten Kitchen


13. Skinny Strawberry Green Tea Mojito from Mom on Time Out


14. Sunrise Cocktail from Iowa Girl Eats


15. Skinny Watermelon Martini from Skinny Mom
16. Cherry Martini from Skinny Mom
17. Skinny Watermelon Sangria from Skinny Mom
18. Skinny Bloody Mary from Skinny Mom


19. Slimmed Down Gin & Soda from Everyday Health
20. Refreshing Vodka Tonic from Everyday Health


21. Grapefruit Gin & Juice from The Realistic Nutritionist
22. Light Beer Berry Cocktails from The Realistic Nutritionist


23. Pink Pomegranate Passion from Hungry Girl
24. Semi-Paloma Splash from Hungry Girl
25. Coconut Cream Pie Cocktail from Hungry Girl
26. Pineapple Frojitos from Hungry Girl


27. Watermelon Fizz from Shape
28. Summer Peach from Shape


29. American Virgin from Health.com


30. California Greyhound from Redbook Mag
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