Pregnancy Must Haves

These items are what I’m calling my “Pregnancy Must Haves” and have definitely helped me get through these past few month.

Pregnancy Must haves - these are the things I couldn't live without these past few months

So if you have never been pregnant, aren’t pregnant, or not planning to be pregnant anytime in the future this post probably won’t interest you. But since being pregnant has been such a huge part of my life over the past several months I thought I would share those things that I have found the most helpful.

1. Sparkling Water – I’ve tried to stay away from soda, ice tea and other sugary, caffeine drinks so sparkling water has been a good stand-in during pregnancy. It help make sure I’m getting enough water throughout the day, but makes it a little less boring. I’m careful though because some of them aren’t naturally flavored, so I always read the labels to make sure there aren’t any fake sugars in them.

2. Blender – I have to admit I am not very good about eating veggies on my own. but I know I need to make sure to get them everyday. So this is where our Vitamix Blender has come in very handy. During the first trimester, I wanted nothing to do with green veggies smoothies, but as I got into the second trimester I slowly worked them back into my diet. I’ve found it’s a great breakfast and ensures I get the fruits and veggies me and the baby need.

3. Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy – I got this book for my best friend when she was pregnant a year ago after reading good reviews about it. She bought it for me (in this cute little pregnancy survival kit you can see below!) when she found out I was pregnant. It is a very quick read, but is a humorous approach to all things pregnancy related (and there is nothing off limits!).

4. Woman’s Mother to Be Tea – I love tea, but since the types I liked to drink has caffeine in them, I had to find something new to try. This tea is pretty good and I really think it helped me with nausea during the first trimester because it has ginger in it.

5. Belly Band - My best friend also gave me one of these. It is a great thing to have in the first & second trimester when you start to outgrow your regular clothes, but you’re not quite big enough for maternity clothes yet. You basically can keep your pants unbuttoned or unzipped and then pull the elastic over them to keep them in place.

6. Coconut Oil – Since I’ve been trying to stay as natural as possible with my beauty products I gave coconut oil a try. It takes a little getting use to because it’s basically in a solid form until you warm in up with your hand, but I really like the way it moisturizes my skin and I’ve even used it on my belly too :)

7. Good Flats – I love shoes and since I’m 5’3″, I love wearing heels, so it was a sad day when I realized I had to put them on hiatus for awhile. At first, I just switched to wedges, but even that got to be a little much on a day to day basis. So I’ve expanded my collection of cute flats. I just hope that my feet don’t actually grow during pregnancy and I can fit back into all my heels one day!

8. Neti Pot – I got a really bad sinus cold during the second trimester and there is not a whole lot you can take while pregnant, so the Neti Pot was my best friend for a few weeks. I know people can be a little apprehensive about using one, but I have to say they really do work and make you feel so much better. It’s just warm water a salt, so it’s completely natural. Just make sure to use distilled or boiled water. I really think it helped me not get a full blown sinus infection.

9. Glass Water Bottle - In an effort to stay away from BPA and other chemicals found in plastic, I bought this cute glass water bottle at Target. It is 16 ounces so I know as long as I drink 4 of them a day I’m staying hydrated. I like that it isn’t some huge thing I have the carry around. Of course, it is a little heavier than a plastic water bottle would be, but it’s not too bad. And I like that is covered in a soft rubber so it should withstand being dropped.

10. Prenatal Vitamins – I started taking prenatal vitamins before I even got pregnant just to make sure I was getting all the essentials vitamins and supplements. I’ve found these vitamins don’t give me an upset stomach and don’t seem that have any other side effects that I’ve heard other prenatal vitamins may cause.

11. Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge - My husband got me this for Christmas and I think I’ve used it every night since. I’ve seen the other full size body pregnancy pillows and I’m sure they work great, but I’ve found that using this wedge in combination with some regular pillows has worked for me. I think the best thing is that this is small enough that I have been able to pack it away if we were out of town for a night.

12. Gap Leggings - Now this is something I recommend whether you are pregnant or not. I tried out some leggings from Gap and I can not get enough of them. I would wear them everyday if I could. They are soft and the material is thick enough so they’re really leggings. The ones I have aren’t even maternity ones and they still fit me now and I think they will last to the end (and probably after the baby is here too!)

Well, there you have it – my pregnancy must haves. I’m sure if you ask another person you’ll get an entirely different answer, but I wanted to share what has been working for me.

And if you’re looking for a cute idea for expectant moms, this is a great idea. My best friend gave me this ‘Survival Kit’ and I have been meaning to share it on the blog for months now. It’s filled with lots are great things that any pregnant person would be so happy to get. Such a cute idea!

Pregnancy Survival Kit - a great gift for expectant mothers

Disclaimer: The above links do contain affiliate links, but as always – all opinions are my own and these are really products I have used and loved :)


  1. Katie says

    To prevent stretch marks, the Mamma Mio Tummy Rub is the BEST. All of my friends used it, include a twin momma, and no stretch marks for anyone. We all had moms who had stretch marks too, so you can’t say it was just good genetics.

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