Introducing Harrison James


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This post is long overdue, but nonetheless I’m excited to share it!

I ended up taking an unexpected break from blogging the past few months, but I’m excited to fill you as to why – our son was born almost a month ago!

Here are the details:

Name: Harrison James
Birthday: April 10 @ 1:21am
Weight: 8lbs. 10oz.
Height: 21 inches
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark blue/grey


I’ll share a little bit about his birth story since I like reading those. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I developed high blood pressure, I was never really diagnosed with preeclampsia, but it still was something my doctor monitored to make sure it wasn’t getting out of control. I was put on what I called modified bed rest where I was suppose to lay on my left side as much as possible. I ended up having to go out from work earlier than I planned, which was hard for me since I am such planner! But I knew I had to do what was best for the baby. My blood pressure continued to be an issue, so at 39 weeks my doctor felt it was best for me to get induced.

So the night of April 8th, my husband and I went to the hospital excited knowing we were going to meet our little boy soon. We figured it would be sometime the next day, but little did we know little one had other plans! I was started on Pitocin. My body wasn’t responding like the doctor wanted , so they broke my water about 12 hours in. Fast forward 18 hours later (so we’re talking 30 hours I’ve been in labor!) and things still weren’t progressing, so the nurse came in and said to pack all our stuff up because we wouldn’t be coming back to the room because I was going to have c-section. Well, when the doctor came to check me one more time he said we could try and forgo the c-section, so that’s what we did – and about 45 minutes later, our son was born! We instantly fell in love and can’t get enough of him!


Now, there’s a little more to Harrison’s story of coming home I’ll share. The day after he was born we were all cleared to be discharged and came home. But later that night (or I guess really early the next morning), he seemed extremely fussy and had a temperature. His temperature went down a few hours laters and he seemed to be doing ok, but then it spiked back up so we ended up taking him to the ER midday. Since a temperature in a newborn can be a sign of an infection, they had to do all sorts of tests on him to try and figure out what it was. And those tests take at least 48 hours for the results to come back, so our baby boy had to be admitted to the NICU during this time. It was a pretty emotional time for us, not knowing what was wrong with him and when he would be able to come home again, but I’m happy to say that they found no infection and we were able to take him home a few days later. We are very blessed that it wasn’t anything more serious and he has been doing fine every since! We are having lots of struggles with breastfeeding, as a result of him being in the NICU, but we’re taking it a day at a time and both of us are trying not to get discouraged.

So there you have it – what I’ve been up to the last few weeks, while the blog has been quiet. But I’m excited to be back to blogging and have lots of fun posts to share that I didn’t get to before Harrison was born – like his baby shower, maternity photos, his nursery and now, his newborn photos. So stay tuned for some more baby posts and of course, more delicious recipes and fun holiday ideas! And if you want to see more photos of our little bundle of joy you can always follow me on Instagram :)



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