I just now realized I completely forgot about Wishlist Wednesday last week. I continue to be super busy at work and just can’t seem to stay on top of everything how I would like. Since Christmas seems to be right around the corner, for this week’s Wishlist Wednesday, I have put together some ideas for advent calendars. I always loved the advent calendar when I was little. My family had this cloth one that had a little mouse that you moved from pocket to pocket. I still don’t know what a mouse had to do with Christmas, but it brings back great memories nonetheless.
20 Advent Calendar Ideas from The Pink Flour
So here are some different ideas for advent calendars…there’s a little bit of everything– DIY, edible, designer and even one that includes alcohol :) Enjoy!

And for those looking for something a little unconventional…there’s a whiskey advent calendar :)
And if you’re not on a budget…