I feel so bad that this is my first post of the week. It’s been crazy busy at work this week, so I had to put some things on the back burner and that included the blog :( I’ve wanted to post everyday, but there just haven’t been enough hours in the day! This may be the only post of this week too because I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend :) I hope to be back to posting normal next week. 
So without further adieu, I bring you my fall decorating ideas for a dining room table.
Everything I used were things I already had. My mom had bought the mini apples last year for our wedding that I didn’t end up using, but they worked perfectly in the glass vase. 

I had bought some fall leaves garland a few years back and just draped it around the candles. 
I bought the table runner at Target a few months ago. It adds some nice texture and color to the table. 

This picture is for my husband who picked out our silverware when we were registering for wedding gifts. The knives sit perpendicular to the table :) 

I had also picked up some fall colored leaves at the dollar store a few weeks ago and put those around the candles on either end of the table. 
I usually don’t like having centerpieces that are too high (I hate when you can’t see the person across from you), but since these were clear it worked out fine. 
Now I just need to find the time to have a dinner party and use our fall decorate table :)
What is your favorite way to decorate a table for a fall dinner?
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