As I mentioned in my post earlier in the week, I made personalized football glasses for our fantasy football draft party. I wasn’t planning on making anything, but when I spotted these at the dollar store I just couldn’t resist. :) To make them, I used my Silhouette SD to create a vinyl stencil and then used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint to stencil it on the glass. You’ve heard me talk about my Silhouette before when I made the tags for the Bachelorette gift. The machine is not cheap, but definitely worth the investment if you like anything DIY related :) I just recently found out they have all different types of vinyl now (think frosted glass, chalkboard and even metallic!). They also have all these specialty papers like double sided adhesive, temporary tattoos and magnetic paper.

Using the program that comes with the machine, I designed a stencil that would fit within the part of the glass I wanted to paint. Great thing about the Silhouette is you can use any font that is installed on your computer. That means you can download fonts from free sites (I like  I decided to put the person’s name on one side and their team name on the other. This is my team name this year (50 shades of Green Bay). I’m not a Green Bay fan nor have I read the book, but I thought it was cute :) When I was happy with the design, I loaded the vinyl into the machine and had it cut. Then, I weeded out all of the inside of the letters so I was left with a stencil.

In order to properly get the stencil onto the glass with all the letters intact, I stuck transfer paper to the top of the vinyl. Then, I peeled of the paper backing of the vinyl and placed it on the glass. After making sure the stencil is adhered to the glass (I like to use an old credit card to press it down), I peeled off the transfer paper and was left with just the stencil on the glass. I then painted it in using Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Satin paint.

This paint is meant for all sorts of surfaces (hence the ‘multi’…haha) including glass, wood and even fabric. To make sure it adheres to the glass make sure to clean with rubbing alcohol first. I did 2 coats of paint waiting at least an hour between coats. I let fully dry over night and then peeled off the stencil. You want to make sure it is fully dry before you peel off or the paint may come off with it.

The paint bottle says if the paint is cured for 21 days it is top-rack dishwasher safe. I didn’t have that much time since I made them the week of the party, so we just hand washed them and they were fine. We even put a few of them in the freezer (gotta make sure the mountains stay blue…haha) and they had no problems.

I would definitely use this method again and am curious to try other colors and types of Martha’s awesome paint.

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