This past weekend at out house we held a party for our Fantasy Football League’s annual draft. We’ve never done the draft in person before (usually we just do it online), but we decided to try something new and I’m always up for hosting a party :) And I am actually an avid football fan and am in 3 fantasy football leagues! My team name this year: 50 Shades of Green Bay. I’m not really a Green Bay fan (Go Chargers!), but thought it was cute nonetheless.

I kept things pretty simple for the appetizers with just some chips and dip, but I did try this Buffalo Chicken Dip which was a big hit (and is super, duper easy!). Thanks to the good, ole dollar store I got the football flag pennants and the napkins for a few dollars. I was planning on making a cute football field tablecloth, but actually found one at Michaels that was perfect.

I also found at the dollar store these cute football shaped glasses. Once I spotted them, I knew they would be the perfect thing to personalize for everyone. I’ll have a tutorial on how I did that later this week.

It was the birthday of two of our league members, so I thought it would be perfect to make them a football field cake complete with their favorite team in each of the end zones. I’ve never made a true layered cake before so it took quite a bit longer to put together than I originally thought.

I baked two 9×13 chocolate cakes (I just used Betty Crocker’s Milk Chocolate cake mix). I made a Peanut Butter filling I found courtesy of Crazy for Crust. I added some chopped up Reese’s Pieces to add a little something extra. I then layered the cakes with the filling and then did a crumb coat of Vanilla Buttercream frosting. I tripled the recipe for the frosting and dyed about 1/3 of it green for the field. I covered the sides in white and the top in green.

To decorate, I wanted to make sure to lines would be straight and even, so I used Wilton, Sugar Sheets (found at Michaels) and a sharp knife & ruler to cute the lines and then laid them on top. I found the cute little players and goal posts at Party City. To complete the cake, I just dyed a little of the frosting yellow (for the Packers) and orange (for the Browns). My grandma taught me this trick for writing on cakes years ago, use a toothpick to lightly draw in the frosting to get the spacing & size right. If you make a mistake you can always frost over it and start over. Then, I piped the decorative borders and the cake was complete!

For those of you that are Fantasy Football fans too and are thinking of having a live draft, I definitely recommend it. We had so much fun and it was a great excuse to get everyone together. My husband had the idea to make a poster board with the team names across the top and the rounds down the side. I then made pre-printed labels for all of the positions in different colors. This made it really easy to keep track of what picks people had made and for what position. I’ve posted the labels I made if anyone would like to use them. They’re for the Avery 5160 Labels.