Tea Party Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - both homemade and semi-homemade recipes from www.thepinkflour.com
As promised, here are the details on the yummy desserts from the Tea Party Bridal shower I posted last week.
You know I’m all about keeping things easy here at The Pink Flour. And these desserts were no exception. There were some things that I wanted to make from scratch, but we didn’t shy away from using some shortcuts for other desserts. So here’s the run down:

Tea Party Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Pink Velvet Cupcakes

1. Mini Pink Velvet Cupcakes -

I used my favorite Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe and made mini’s of them, but replaced the red food coloring with pink food coloring.
Tea Party Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Lemon Bars

2. Lemon Bars -

You may have seen these when I made them a few months ago for Easter. Seems like every other event with my family I get requests for these. They were perfect for a tea party!
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Vanilla Almond Tea Bag Sugar Cookies

3. Almond Vanilla Tea Bag Sugar Cookies -

I think these were my favorite dessert of the shower. I’ve never had good luck making cutout cookies, but I followed this recipe from Bridget at Bake at 350. Her cookies are beautiful and she didn’t steer me wrong. Instead of using a cookie cutter I used a serrated knife to cut them out and made the holes with a straw. For the tags, I made them using my Silhouette – that thing comes in so handy :) Once the cookies cooled, I dipped them in some pink white chocolate.
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Chocolate Covered Pretzels

4. Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

These were easy, peasy, but oh so delish! I found this raspberry sherbet white chocolate at Michaels that I dipped pretzels into then topped white white pearl sprinkles.
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Chocolate Covered Strawberries

5. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries -

Using the same raspberry sherbet white chocolate, along with white chocolate, we dipped the strawberries in chocolate. You can find the way I like to melt chocolate HERE.
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Madeleines

6. Madeleine Cookies -

I’d love to say I made these beauties, but we bought them at Vons (aka Safeway). They were so good though!
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Macaroons from Trader Joe's!

7. Macaroons -

Now Macaroons have been on my learn to bake list for awhile now. I didn’t have time to practice enough before the shower, so we took the easy way out with these. My mom found little vanilla and chocolate macaroons at Trader Joe’s. I was a little skeptical of these, but they were really good. I would definitely get them again. And one of these days I will conquer macaroons – any tips for me??
Bridal Shower Dessert ideas - Cookies & Brownies

8. Assorted cookies & brownies -

And to top it off, we had lots of cookies and brownie bites. There were chocolate chip nibblers from Mrs. Field’s (so good!) and also some delicious cookies from a local bakery.
So there you have it! You now have lots of ideas for your next tea party (or any day for that matter!)
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