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One of my readers asked if I could do a post on DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding ideas. Although, weddings aren’t really the focus here at The Pink Flour, it made me realize I’ve shared bits of pieces of it on the blog, but haven’t really dove into the details of our wedding.Now, I think a lot of people assume just because something is DIY it means it’s less expensive. While this can be the case, I think it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t always. And of course, DIY projects will take you more time than hiring someone to do it or make it.
But what I really love about DIY is that it is a way to put touches on a wedding (or any event for that matter) that represent you and your partner. I’ll never forget what our wedding coordinators told us when we first met with them – You want your guests to leave your wedding and say that was so (insert bride & groom names here). So I strived to make our wedding a reflection of who we are as a couple and the life we will lead together. And I’d like to think we accomplished that :)

Here’s what you’ve missed about our wedding in older posts:


1. Centerpieces 
Since we had a “backyard” wedding in the summer, I wanted to keep the centerpieces simple. I decided on using mismatched containers and ordering the flowers myself from our florist. Then, two days before the wedding, my bridesmaids and I cut and arranged the flowers in the vases. Each table had three containers – a mason jar, a bud vase from Ikea, and a vase I had found at a thrift store. I love the way the centerpieces turned out and we definitely saved money on our flowers this way.


2. Signs
If you saw the post I did around Christmas, you’ve already been introduced to the chalkboards we made for the wedding. We used chalkboard paint (we used regular paint, but there’s spray paint now) to paint the inside of old frames and pictures I found at thrift shops. My amazing best friend (and matron of honor) then wrote on them for us and they were all around the wedding. We had them at the gift table, the dessert bar and this one instructed guests on what to do with the mason jars we provided as drink containers.


3. Directional Sign
One of the advantages to having our wedding at my parents house was we were able to set-up a lot of things in advance. This sign was one of them. We made the sign by buying a post and some stakes at Home Depot.  We painted them white and then I used my Silhouette to cut out adhesive vinyl for each of the locations we wanted on the sign.


4. Ribbon Backdrop
I wanted a fun backdrop for our dessert table. I was really happy with the way our ribbon backdrop turned out. I’ve mentioned before how awesome the ribbon is at Costco and we were in luck that they had ribbon that was perfect for our wedding. To make this ribbon backdrop, we got a PVC pipe and cut it the length of the backdrop. I then decided how long I needed to cut the ribbon and then cut lots of strips that size. I then tied the ribbon onto the PVC pipe until it covered the entire length of the pipe. In order to ensure the ribbon wouldn’t move in the wind too much, we got small washers and attached them to the bottom of each ribbon.
5. Paper Pennant Signs
Using my Silhouette, I made paper pennant signs for different places at the reception. There was one for the photobooth, one for the head table and one for the dessert table (above). I attached the cut outs to twine and then hung them either using safety pins or staple guns.
6. Fabric Overlays
In trying to keep costs low, we made our own fabric overlays with burlap for the tables. My mom and I found large bolts of burlap at Jo-Ann’s and using 40% coupons bought them for a reasonable price. We then cut them to our desired measurements for each table.
7. Placecards
One of my favorite elements of our wedding was the place cards. As you may have read in my post on our wedding favors (calculators!), we kind of had a math theme going on :) So for placecards, we thought it would be fun to have little equations people had to solve to find their table number. I used printable business cards and just designed them in word. It took a little bit of time, but was definitely worth it. We then bought MDF boards and attached twine to hang the cards from. I even found mini paper clips that were perfect size for each card.


8. Photos on Twine
I wanted a way to display pictures of my husband and I, but had to think of a way that would work for being outside. What I decided on was just using twine and hanging pictures with clothespins. This was an simple and easy way to share photos of our childhood and while we dated.
9. Hanging Mason Jars
We used mason jars in several different ways for our wedding. Besides drinking glasses and centerpiece containers, we also hung flowers in them. My husband took wire and wrapped it around the top of the mason jar and then made a loop from one side to the other. We then hung them using twine in trees and over walkways. I kept it simple and just put babies breath in them which kept with our laid back backyard reception.


10. Favor tags
Another way I used my Silhouette was to make the tags for our calculator favors. One of the great features of the Silhouette is you can print on paper using your regular inkjet or laser printer and then cut out shapes using the Silhouette. This made making the tags fairly simple and I got to design them exactly how I wanted.I hope this helps in your wedding planning process. I have to say I really loved planning my wedding and miss it from time to time. I think one of the reasons I like blogging so much is it has been a way for me to continue to DIY things and then share them with a wider audience.Thanks for reading!

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