Today, I’m so happy to have Rachael of @livealittlenyc, sharing some great reasons to use Pinterest when planning a baby shower. Rachael is in the process of starting her own blog and I can’t wait to see it soon!

Top 5 Reasons to us Pinterest to Plan a Baby Shower

(These are some pictures from the shower I threw for my best friend since pre-school! We both used Pinterest to organize our ides for the big day, however there were a TON of ideas and crafts we weren’t able to experiment with.  I plan on using these tips for the next shower I throw!)

Pinterest is one of the latest additions to the social media arena. It is great for a variety of things, including helping to plan events, such as a baby shower.

For those who are not familiar, Pinterest is a virtual pin board for photo sharing. You can also create and manage theme-based boards. You can look at other people’s boards by searching for different subjects. 
This makes it a great tool for searching for, and saving, different ideas to plan the perfect baby shower!

1. Invitations -An example of a search would be for baby shower invitations. You can check out trends and ideas for baby showers and adapt those ideas to suit your style and budget. Tiny Prints has a huge variety of baby shower invitations available for you to customize and fit your needs.

2. Favors – You can also search for great baby shower favors. This will show you photos of the latest and greatest favor ideas to meet every budget. One favor idea that is not very expensive is to take 5×5 pieces of white fabric and fold them intro triangles. Then add a small bag of candies (like M&M’s) in pastel colors and then fold the fabric around the bag like a diaper. Keep it together with a classic diaper pin. Just adorable!

3. Decorations – A search for baby shower decorations turns up how to make simple pastel flower balls that hang with a bow for a simple and elegant look. All it takes is a few Styrofoam balls, silk flowers, a hot glue gun, and some ribbon. Easy as could be!

Sometimes, the crafts look simple, but are a little harder to do. For example, I love the look of paper pom poms, an idea I saw on Pinterest, but I had no idea how to create them!  

4. Tutorials – To help you create various items you see on Pinterest, turn to YouTube. YouTube offers many helpful crafting tutorials to make sure you’re crafting correctly! In fact, this YouTube tutorial was able to teach me how to do paper pom poms!  

5. Group Boards – So where are you going to put the great ideas you find? You could choose to create a group board to organize things. A group board sn a board where multiple Pinterest users can all pin to the same board. That way all parties planning the shower can see what ideas other planners have pinned. There are even “Secret” Pinterest boards, so if you don’t want the mom-to-be to see what you’re planning you could make your group board one of those :)

So just start doing some simple searches on Pinterest and let your creativity be your guide. Make sure you create boards and label them as “baby shower favors” or other ideas so all the ideas your find stay well organized. You’ll never know what you’ll find! And I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest :)

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