I’m excited to share that today I’m posting over at My Life Scoop about ways technology can help in your party planning. Here’s a sneak peek:

Baby showers, birthday parties, holiday parties, housewarming parties, and even weddings – I love planning them all. If time and money would allow, I think I would throw something every week! Since we all don’t have the time to devout to planning parties, I’ve but together a list of ways technology can help you plan, organize and wow your gusts at your next big shindig!

1. Pinterest


For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, Pinterest is a website that allows you to organize, in photo form, ideas from across the internet. Users create “boards” based on different themes, hobbies, or interests. These “boards” can then be searched by other users, in order to easily share ideas. This can come in very handy when you’re planning a party because you can have a “board” entirely devoted to ideas related to the party. 
Say you want to throw a kid’s birthday party with a cars theme, if you find an idea on a website you like, you can “Pin It” to your cars themed board and have it there later to come back to. 
One of the greatest things Pinterest has released recently is their Secret Boards. Each user is now allowed 3 boards which no one else can see what they pin to it. I’m actually using a Secret Board right now to plan my cousin’s wedding shower. I was able to invite other users to the board so we can pin ideas to the board, but my cousin can’t see what’s on it. It is making life a lot easier!
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